Garlic (2 heads)


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2 Garlic heads

Garlic Vigour

A French variety suited for growth in colder areas such as the UK. The cloves will produceĀ small – medium sized bulbs with a strong flavour. The bulbs can take 6 – 8 months to mature so early planting prior to frosts is recommended


The Bulbs should be split into individual cloves prior to sowing,
Plant the cloves 1″ – 3″ deep and min 5″ apart.
A well drained fertile soil is best, try to avoid areas that are prone to water logging as this will kill the cloves / bulbs.
Sowing times are from NovĀ  – Dec and Feb – March
This variety is also suitable for planting in Containers / pots

Harvest when the bulbs are full and the foliage has died back.


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