Walkers Nurseries Dog Paddock

Weather Update

Due to the continued bad weather this Autumn / Winter the paddock is sometimes wet in places. Please feel free to check it out on arrival and if you feel it is too wet for you and your dog that day please let the shop know. We may close the paddock from time to time if we feel its needed. If you have a booking we will email to let you know.

To book to use the paddock please see the form below, If you want an hour or longer please book 2 or more 30 minute bookings (this is temporary while we work on the booking form settings)

Prices are: £2.50 for 30 mins up to 2 dogs £4.50 for 30 mins up to 4 dogs

The paddock is completely fenced off with a double gated entry for more security. The space is suitable for practice training sessions & off lead runabout. The paddock is yours alone (not shared) . As all dogs are different we ask you to keep am eye on your dog at all times, the paddock is used at your own risk. Please feel free to pop over and have a look first if you want to check if it suitable/secure for your dog.

Please pay in the shop beforehand you can bring your dog in or if you have a dog with anxiety please let us know we can meet you on the car park & don’t forget to bring a drink for your dog!

If you would like to ask any questions please PM our social pages @walkersnurserieschester or email : martin@walkersnurseries.co.uk or carolyn@walkersnurseries.co.uk

Please pick up after your dog & put any litter in the bin provided also paddock is a smoke free zone.

Dog in Paddock

Our Dog Paddock is ideal for:

  • Exercise dogs off lead in a secure area
  • Dog Training
  • Reactive Dogs
  • Dogs with poor recall
  • Nervous owners
  • Rescue dogs or Puppies, where you are unsure of how they behave off lead
  • For owners who can’t walk very far
  • For owners who do not have access to a large enough garden

Use the booking form below to book your slot !

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