From November onwards we fill our nursery with Christmas trees, handmade wreathes, indoor planted arrangements. We also have a selection of pots, artificial trees and wreathes, Christmas lights and decorations as well as our usual gardening items which all make great gifts!

Our Christmas trees are Nordman Firs, the best tree for needle retention and which has lovely bushy branches and a uniform conical shape. We have a great offer on this year; 10% off the price of your tree or free delivery!

We are also selling our trees online, simply select the size of tree that you require and we will select, net and deliver your tree for you. We also offer a contactless collection service.

We also plant our own Christmas arrangements such as indoor basket planters and decorative pots for outside the front door planted with winter hardy plants and spring bulbs.

Our popular Christmas food ordering service will be running again this year. Why not pre-order your Turkey and trimmings from us? Our meat is supplied by Rose Farm, a local producer that supplies all the meat in our farm shop.

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