Shallots Golden Gourmet – 10 pieces


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Shallots Golden Gourmet – 10 pieces

Spring Planting


Bulb size 10-12cm


Sets are the easiest way to grow shallots in the garden. Planted very early in the season, in mid-February if possible, they mature faster than those grown from seed. ‘Golden Gourmet’ is a very high yielding, Dutch variety that can be harvested as early as July. It has a golden brown skin, stores well and has better resistance to bolting than many other varieties.


These shallot sets are small, immature shallots. By harvest time each one will increase in size to a full-sized shallot.


SOIL PREPARATION: Shallots require a well drained, fertile soil that will need to be deeply dug over before planting.

For the best results dig in organic compost or manure a few weeks before planting.

This will help add nutrients, improve soil structure and hold moisture. PLANTING: Plant the bulbs from December to April.

Prepare the rows 22cm apart and then space the bulbs 10cm apart and 2-5cm deep along each row.

Press the bulbs gently into the ground, nose facing upwards, cover them with a thin layer of soil and firm the soil around the bulb.


CARE:Keep the area weed free by regular hoeing and ensure the bulbs remain covered with soil.

Keep them well watered during the growing season.

Stop watering when the bulbs have swollen and expose the top of the bulbs to the light by gently pulling back the earth around them.

Break off any flower stems that may appear.


HARVESTING: When the leaves turn yellow and the foliage collapses leave in the ground for 2 more weeks before lifting.

Lift gently from underneath using a fork so as not to damage any bulbs.

Remove any dirt, roots and brittle stems, spread them out in a crate or on a sack to enable them to dry for 7-10 days.

When dry they can be placed in nets or tied together and hung in a cool but frost free place within a dry and well ventilated environment.

These may then be stored for up to 8 months.


Grown from cultivated stock.

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