Nordman Fir Christmas tree 3-4ft 2023


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3 to 4ft hand selected Nordman fir Christmas tree we sell with its uniform cone shape, soft needles, lush green colour and is the best variety for retaining its needles.

These trees are cut trees, and will need supporting in a stand.

To care for your tree and keep it looking its best right through the whole Christmas and New Year period just follow these simple care tips:

Situate your tree away from direct heat sources – a tree next to a radiator or fire will not be happy and will likely lose needles, dry out and turn brown

Water your tree regularly, trees can take up around 2 litres of water per day, this keeps them healthy, stops them drying out and helps retain needles. If the base of the tree trunk is without water for 2 hours or more it will seal and stop being able to take up water and will need the base cutting again. When you purchase your tree in person we will saw off the end of your tree trunk so that your tree can take up water, make sure to water it as soon as possible and within 2 hours of purchase, expect the tree to take up plenty of water at first. If you are having your tree delivered, we recommend sawing 2.5 centimetres from the base of the trunk to enable the tree to take up water.

Position the tree where it is least likely to be knocked or have people brushing past it.


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