Geranium Zonal 1lt Pot (13cm)


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Geranium Zonal 1lt Pot (13cm)

A gardener’s favourite, Geraniums are one of the most popular bedding plants. No matter which colour is grown, you will always see a bold stunning hue from the flowers. Geraniums are an easy to look after bedding plant, which require dead heading to promote flowering. This plant enjoys full sun light and a well-drained soil. Start feeding from Spring with a balanced feed and then move onto a high potash feed when the geranium starts flowering. Flowering will continue through into summer and the plant can reach potential height of 90cm and a potential spread of 50cm. If a snap frost should occur, protect the geranium with frost fleece.

  • 13cm pot
  • Bold colours
  • Easy to look after
  • Deadhead to promote new flower growth
  • Enjoys sunny position
  • Plant in a well drained soil
  • Protect from frost

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1 Pot, 4 Pots, 40 Pots


Mixed, Red, Violet, Rose, Pink, Salmon, White


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