Cotoneaster ‘Juliette’ 80cm Standard Tree


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Cotoneaster ‘Juliette’ is a semi-evergreen, low-growing shrub that is grafted onto a clear stem allowing the long branches to weep down freely. The variegated leaves are small and dark green with pretty, white margins. Following the white flowers that emerge in June-July, a mass of eye-catching, orange/red berries are produced in the autumn.

This variegated weeping Cotoneaster tree will grow to just 1.5 x 1 metres in 20 years making it ideal for small spaces or container growing.  A tough tree, Juliette will tolerate exposed and coastal positions and thrives in well-drained soils with full sun or semi-shade. A very lovely  tree, resilient enough to handle difficult positions.

AKA Weeping tree cotoneaster, Cotoneaster x suecicus ‘Juliette’

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