Clover Medium Chip Bark 75 litre


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Medium Chip Bark is a long-lasting, natural mulch, providing an attractive finish to beds and borders. Medium Chip Bark provides an easy to maintain, decorative surface for paths and recreational areas around the garden.

Medium Chip Bark also helps with moisture retention and weed control.

Ideal for:

  • On beds and borders as a mulch
  • To edge drives and paths
  • To create paths
  • To provide a hard-wearing surface in recreational areas

Instructions for use

Natural Decorative Mulch

The attractive colour and appearance of  Medium Chip Bark provides contrast and compliments plants and shrubs, showing them to their best advantage.

Improves Soil Moisture Retention
A mulch of Medium Chip Bark reduces soil evaporation helping plants retain moisture during dry periods.

Supresses Weeds
Medium Chip Bark, spread at the correct depth, will help suppress weeds and reduce garden maintenance time.

Insulates Against Extremes of Heat & Cold
Medium Chip Bark helps protect plant roots from extremes of temperature in both winter and summer.

Softens Hard Surfaces
A layer of Medium Chip Bark will help soften the appearance of paths and other hard surfaces around the garden.

On Beds and Borders
Spread Medium Chip Bark by rake, to a depth of 2.5 – 5.0cm (1-2”). The minimum depth to give effective weed suppression is 5cm (2”).

Paths, Play Areas and Recreational Areas around the Garden
Spread generous amounts of Medium Chip Bark to edge drives and paths and to protect other heavy use areas in the garden. Apply using a rake.



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