Azalea, rhododendron & shrub fertiliser 0.9kg


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The Azalea Rhododendron and shrub fertiliser from Vitax is perfect for all acid loving plants. This organic feed with added Iron is perfect for heathers, conifers, magnolia, skimmia, camellia, berberis, hydrangea, pernettya, raspberry and blueberry plants. This fertiliser allows these plants to thrive in both neutral and acidic soils, this will encourage bigger blooms and greener leaves

  • Suitable for:Heathers, Conifers, Magnolia, Skimmia, Camellia, Berberis, Hydrangea, Pernettya, Raspberry and Blueberry plants.
  • Contents:Organic feed with extra Iron
  • Application:Sprinkle pellets at the base of the plant and incorporate into the soil. Feed twice; apply the first dressing at the start of the growing season in March/April and again at first flowering.
  • Pack weight:0.9kg


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